Media Times recalls 2022 as two halves of a whole: the last six months under Rodrigo Roa Duterte (RRD) and the first six months of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos (BBM).  The tendency to compare and contrast is inevitable. But pointing to differences between the two, one sees similarities, the continuity from past to present. After all, the two Presidents are joined at the hip, having helped one another to become President of the country. The Marcos family was among the first to give their support to Duterte’s campaign. BBM could not have won without Duterte’s votes. 

No cure in sight: Three corruption stories under Duterte’s watch

The following corruption stories gained prominent space and time in media; but not for long. At this point, many may have forgotten about the cases. Should these fall out of the news agenda completely, it will prove once again how easy it is for those in government to evade accountability. Media fails to follow up on what happened. 




Power Connections and the Marcos Presidency

CMFR reviewed the appointments made by President Marcos Jr. in 2022 to demonstrate the powers represented in his government. A visual map shows the interconnections in the Cabinet and other significant agencies, including appointed ambassadors. The visuals trace family connections and long standing links among appointees, the President and/or his allies. CMFR also provides brief notes on the experience of appointees in the public or private sector.

Philippine Media in 2022

 The past year saw press freedom in the Philippines as it has always been in much of its history — under attack. And yet, the country’s media have been recognized among the free-est in the world. Socio-political forces however have always encroached on its freedom, and its autonomy to print without fear or favor has been vulnerable to these pressures.  

LGBT measures in limbo as RH Law marks 10-year milestone 

Purple was the color of choice, waved high by reproductive health and rights advocates gathered before Christmas in 2022 to celebrate 10 years of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 or the RH Law.

The emasculated press

An evaluation of the performance of the press in the year just past would seem rather irrelevant, for, by then, the press had become emasculated. How so? 


The annual digital microsite which contains the findings of the Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility’s (CMFR) journalism review on media and press performance.





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